About DTI SERVICES Credit Card Authorization Form

Thank you for using DTI SERVICES’ online credit card billing system.
Please submit Credit Card Authorization Form from the link below.

Procedure By Web

Please follow the steps listed below and submit the Authorization Form.

STEP1Fill out Form
Fill out Form
Please follow the steps listed below and submit the Authorization Form.
STEP2Upload the picture
Upload the picture
Please upload the picture of an identification card.
  • Please upload a scanned image or an image taken by a digital camera.
  • Image Size: Max. (500 x 400 pixels), Min. (150 x 100 pixels)
  • Total File Size – Up to 6MB.
  • Make sure that the picture of your identification card and credit card are clear enough to view.
  • We may request to re-upload the pictures if the images are illegible.
  • The image of your identification card should be the portion where your name, birth date, and the photograph of your face are visible.
STEP3Procedure completion
You will receive a confirmation email from DTI SERVICES within three days after we process your request.
  • After procedure has been completed, please wait a moment until there is approval from us.
  • All information sent to DTI SERVICES, INC. will be kept confidential and complete discretion will be used when processing your Credit Card Authorization Form.
  • No third-parties will be given any of your personal credit card information and only the amount agreed upon will be charged.


Please contact if you have any question regarding the Credit Card Authorization Form.